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Giving credit where credit is due...

This site was created by a group of individuals affectionately know as the SRN Volunteers for the sole purpose of attracting new rocketeers into our clubs and organizations. Below (in alphabetical order) are the people that made this site happen.

Greg Deputy (
Greg posted all the stuff we sent him on the site and handled all of the edits and data base work. This site is hosted by who donated all server space and bandwidth.

Pat Gordzelik (TRA board member)
Pat was in charge of production for the commercial aired on the Discovery Channel (the one that got you here).

Alan Hancock (
Alan donated the domain name to our cause.

Marc Klinger (
Marc donated many of the fantastic photos for this site.

Andrew MacMillen (
Andrew designed & coded the layout for the Fly Rockets site.

Dan Stroud (Great rocket guy)
Dan did much of the writing for the site. That took a lot of research to put it all together.

Terry Stroud (Son of great rocket guy)
Terry created the rocket motor graphics and did some great data collection for the site.

Frank R. Uroda (
Frank created the concept for and was in charge of its implementation. He also wrote some of the text, did the editing, and created some of the graphics.

Additional home page photos courtesy of and copyright:

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