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Why join a club just to fly rockets?

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Rocket people are a pretty fun crowd. It doesn’t matter if you fly small model rockets or the big birds. Everyone is very friendly and very helpful. In model rocketry, it is common to have contest events including but not limited to highest altitude, scale model, parachute duration, etc.

Launching High Power Rockets requires more preparation than launching “model rockets.” Not only is a larger field needed, but FAA clearance must be arranged well in advance of the launch date. There may also be local or state regulatory issues to be addressed to fly high power rockets. The club takes care of this. They already have the personnel and experience in making these tedious arrangements, which allows you to concentrate on the actual flying. Obviously this is good reason for joining an organized club. Clubs also typically have all the launch equipment to set up a launch site.

This includes launch pads, launch rods and rails, the ignition system, batteries, PA system, fire equipment, and sometimes more. They also often arrange for portable toilets at the events.

The meetings are a good chance to chat and see what everyone else is building. It’s also a chance to speak with other members who have a wealth of information and it may save you from re-inventing the wheel.

Below you will find a comprehensive list of national rocketry organizations and local groups ordered by state. International listings are at the end of the list.

National Organizations

Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA)

The Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA) is the official sponsor of the Rocket Challenge special you just saw on The Discovery Channel. Although we launch rockets of all sizes and in all power ranges, TRA appeals to the serious rocketeer. Most of our members are adults but many of them bring their children to join in on the fun. Plus we have a junior member program for those less than 18 years of age.

Tripoli is the only organization today that embraces all forms of rocketry:

  • Model Rocketry (for younger rocketeers and their parents)
  • High Power Rocketry (larger rockets for the serious modeler, age 18 and older)
  • Experimental Rocketry (for those "rocket scientists" who desire to expand his/her knowledge base)

As your involvement in this fascinating hobby broadens, you can learn in a safe, fun, and helpful environment. Tripoli has a program where you can even develop and fly your own rocket motors!

To learn more about the premier rocketry organization that caught the attention of The Discovery Channel, and join the hundreds of thousands of people who have discovered and participate in this wonderful hobby, we welcome you to explore our website at You'll find that as a member of the Tripoli Rocketry Association...

“The sky is not the limit!”

National Association of Rocketry
United States
The National Association of Rocketry is the oldest and largest sport rocketry organization in the world. You can join the over 82,000 serious sport rocket flyers who, since 1957, have joined the NAR to take advantage of the fun and excitement of organized rocketry!

What We Offer You
  • NAR High Power Certification - You'll join the rapidly growing ranks of NAR members who design, build and fly high power rockets like those featured on Discovery TV!
  • NAR Club Information - You'll get hooked up with the local NAR experts in your area who can help your rocketry project "liftoff" to a successful start.
  • NAR Local and Regional Launches including our Online Launch Windows calendar. - You can join NAR members and clubs, who host hundreds of launches each year. Attending one is the fastest way to get connected to the exciting world of NAR sport rocketry!
  • Sport Rocketry Magazine - You'll enjoy our 64 page, full color bimonthly is packed with information on the latest products, designs and NAR launch reports.
  • Liability Insurance Protection - You'll obtain peace of mind and extend your protection through the NAR's $2 million policy.

  • Not convinced? Then try this special limited time offer available only to Discovery TV and visitors!


    Amateur Rocketry Society of America (ARSA)
    The Amateur Rocketry Society of America's primary goal is to enable US citizens to enjoy all forms of amateur rocketry. Our local societies permit amateur rockets to fly alongside high power and model rockets at the same site and on the same day. There are no certification requirements for motors or flyers.

    Current Membership Benefits

    1. On-line newsletter on amateur rocketry news.
    2. Government lobbying in Washington D.C. to help the hobby grow.
    3. Locate other amateur rocketeers in your area.
    4. Assistance in obtaining FAA waivers.

    Canadian Association of Rocketry

    International Experimental Aerospace Society (IEAS)
    The IEAS is an education and research society of rocketry and space technology experimenters from around the world. Our aims are to support the amateur rocktetry experimentalist by sharing technical and safety information, provide facilities, aquire funding and work to have an reasonable regulatory environment. We have an active outreach program to educate the general public about rocketry and space exploration.

    The Reaction Research Society

    Founded in 1943, the Reaction Research Society (RRS) is the nation's oldest continually operating Amateur and Experimental Rocket Society. The Society owns and operates the Mojave Test Area (MTA), a fully developed, privately owned test facility capable of both static and flight test operations. It is located within restricted airspace associated with Edwards Air Force Base and offers facilities suitable for the testing of all forms of rocket vehicles to a maximum flight altitude of 50,000 feet.

    While it does not build or fund the building of rockets, the RRS exists to facilitate the activities of its members and provide an unparalleled educational opportunity. It offers members a place to conduct rocket experimentation under the watchful eye of experienced, licensed pyrotechnic operators. Safety is always of paramount concern and, since its founding in 1943, the Society has maintained a perfect safety record testing thousands of experimental rocket propulsion systems without a single injury to personnel.

    The RRS also assists its members in learning propulsion engineering (i.e.rocket science) by fostering cooperation between experienced and new members and by providing access to technical reports on past rocket projects. The Society, based in Southern California, has a worldwide membership that stays in touch via the Society's website, email discussion lists, and the RRS newsletter. Monthly meetings are held in the Los Angeles area. Further information is available at


    The United Kingdom Rocketry Association (UKRA)
    The United Kingdom Rocketry Association (UKRA) is the National organization that represents Model, High Power and Amateur Rocketry enthusiasts in the UK.

    We are recognised by the Civil Aviation Authority as the self-governing body for the hobby and we are responsible for providing an advisory, standards and safety forum for all parties interested in Rockets and Amateur Rocketry in the United Kingdom.

    UKRA acts as the primary liaison with the Health and Safety Executive, Civil Aviation Authority, Police Authorities and other interested parties on matters relating to Model, High Power and Amateur rocketry in the UK.

    All UKRA members are required to have third party insurance for their rocketry activities. They must follow the UKRA safety code and are certified to fly rockets through our flight certification program.


    Local and Regional Clubs

    There are many rocketry clubs all over the US and the world! Click here to visit the global listings for all rocketry clubs!

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