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To add your club to the web site, please provide the information below. All listings are manually verified by a human. Spammers and bots need not apply... You will recieve an email once your listing has been added.

The information collected is only used on the web site. The intent is for newcomers to the hobby to be able to easily find rocketry related resources. The listing owner will recieve periodic emails letting them know how many visitors have clicked through from to the club site. You can remove your information from the web site by deleting your listing at any time.


Club Name:(Ex: Michigan Team One)
State/Province:No abbreviations, please
Primary contact Name
Primary contact Email
Club Website URL
Listing Edit PasswordThis password is required to edit your listing after its posted.
In the comment box below, provide a sales pitch for your club (max 500 characters). Describe in some detail what your club is all about and what part of the state you cover. Tell them the benefits of joining your club. Tell them what you specializing in; low/mid/high power/experimental. Provide information on your launch site location (including good directions!), how high your waiver is, any amenities available, etc

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